Reisswolf is involved in shaping din 66399 to always produce the best for our customers

The new DIN 66399 provides you with the framework for complete process security when destroying data. Your internal company processes become more efficient and effective, which saves you time, and even more importantly, results in lower costs. The DIN standard also protects and treats your data and resources with care.

As an active Din 66399 committee member, REISSWOLF has been instrumental in shaping the new standard system for its customers. This is even more important as the old DIN 32757 did not take into account the needs of service companies. In fact, it set out the detail for the destruction of data media for small equipment manufacturers. It was, however, crucial because there has been no alternative in data protection until now. The inclusive nature of the new DIN standard is impressive. REISSWOLF is involved with rolling out these guidelines and has never lost sight of its customers’ requirements.

All our operations are certified to:

• DIN 66399:  Reisswolf AG Basel certificate (PDF)

DIN 66399: Reisswolf AG Lucerne certificate (PDF)

• DIN 66399: Reisswolf AG Zürich certificate (PDF)

• DIN 66399 Mobil Shredder: Reisswolf AG certificate (PDF)