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Destruction of radiographic film and x-ray photographs – in compliance with applicable laws and regulations

  • We offer certified destruction and recycling. We guarantee full confidentiality, providing you with all required documents, for example confirmation of destruction.
  • We dispose of radiographic film in environmentally sound fashion and guarantee the protection of your sensitive data.
  • Valuable resources and raw materials can be recycled thanks to our efficient and sustainable technology.

Destruction of x-ray film

Disposal of radiographic film for different industries

  • Medical: hospitals, laboratories, clinics, doctors’ and vets’ offices.
  • Manufacturing: material inspection
  • Graphic arts: prepress film

All important information is summarised in our pamphlet on x-ray film destruction.

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We dispose of patient files in compliance with legal safekeeping periods and data privacy laws, removing unnecessary documents from your archives or storage facility.

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