We guarantee security and data protection in document destruction

There’s no room for compromise when it comes to security. Because almost all documents and data in an office contain sensitive information that should be inaccessible to third parties. Security considerations must always come first. And that’s what we offer, and why the REISSWOLF motto for all services has for years been: secret. service.


This is affirmed by our security concept – both when it comes to destroying documents and data media in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and when it comes to securely storing and archiving of sensitive documents. And that’s what we invest in. In order to maintain our services at a high levels and extend our lead.

Reisswolf – secret. service.


REISSWOLF is the first company in Switzerland that destroys your files and data media in accordance with DIN66399, protection class 3.

No compromise when it comes to protecting your files and data

  • REISSWOLF is the only company in Switzerland that destroys your files and data media in accordance with DIN 66399, protection class 3.
  • Process security certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 – from the collection to the final destruction of your sensitive files and data
  • Competent security professionals
  • Strict compliance with the data protection regulations and beyond
  • Consulting and legal certainty on all data protection issues
  • Provision of security vessels and containers for entire file folders, binders, hanging files, data media, etc.
  • Logged data acquisition and destruction
  • Transport in specially secured REISSWOLF vehicles
  • Secured unloading gates
  • Shredding of computer hard drives into tiny particles in accordance with DIN66399, making the reproduction of contiguous data impossible
  • Exchange and collection of the containers by REISSWOLF staff
  • Constant quality assurance and process optimisation through security audits as well as internal and external auditors.

Customised file destruction

Find out here about our secure file destruction and see for yourself.

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