Our process for standard destruction

All of our four locations have at least two high-performance shredders. Each site is equipped with a security gate and video surveillance. Access is, of course, strictly controlled and documented

Our process for standard destruction

1. Consultation

We clarify your wishes and needs in an initial discussion: the type of clearing and the media, the scope, the security specifications, and the emptying frequency – the containers, effort, and supervision are tailored to you.


2. Contract

You know which files and media you want to have destroyed by Reisswolf and how regularly. We guarantee maximum security according to DIN 66399 on the destruction of data and the data protection act. We can rely on us across the board.


3. Delivery

Our staff deliver all the containers you need. Reisswolf is also happy to prove lockable mini skips, skips, or large containers for storage and transportation. And of course you will also be introduced to the e.l.sy. locking system.


4. Filling

Now the main task is up to you: filling the containers with files and data media. You can even deposit entire folders – that’s no problem for the Reisswolf large shredder facility. Thanks to e.lsy., you can monitor the containers and trace their use, if necessary.


5. Collection/ emptying

Our trained staff will collect your metal containers at the desired time. At this point, the RFID chip cards can be read and evaluated. Depending on requirements, regular reports and statistics can be created using this monitoring data.


6. Transport/unloading

The locked transport containers will be transported to the Reisswolf facilities in locked vehicles and there emptied into enclosed, CCTV-monitored premises by our staff, in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act.


7. Destruction

Data media and files are processed in special shredder plants.


8. Recycling

A recycled granulate is made from electronic data media. The files are crushed, mixed, and pressed into cubes, which are then fed into the paper recycling system.


We also destroy on site

Thanks to our mobile shredders, we can also destroy quickly and securely at your premises.

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