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Thanks to collaboration with our innovative partners and their sites, we are able to offer comprehensive solutions for our customers and prospective customers.

You have just one contact person, but are able to access a broad-based and qualified consulting potential from a single source.

Our Mission


To overcome the limits of recycling

In light of cheap, legal and ecological conditions, the recycling sector has changed radically within the last few years. What used to be the purview of small businesses is now a high-technology industry. The Paprec Group has a clear goal in mind: every day we are try to overcome the hitherto existing limits of recycling. The Group relies on technical innovation and the development of new expertise.


Higher recycling rates!

Innovation is a high priority for the Paprec Group. Two objectives are emphasised: recycling new material and optimising recycling technology. In order to meet its own demand for higher recycling rates, the Paprec Group has improved the methods of processing plastics, batteries, industrial and construction waste, and electrical and electronic waste in particular.


Economical use of our resources

On our planet, mineral raw materials are naturally only present in limited quantities. Given these diminishing reserves, recycling can be seen as the “mine of the future”.


Protecting the energy potential of the raw materials

The primary processing of raw materials is very energy intensive. Recycling can help to significantly reduce this high energy requirement: three times less energy is needed to produce glass from recycled glass than from sand, for example.


Think long-term!

The Paprec Group is convinced that recycling is the environmental industry of the 21st century. That’s why the Group is implementing an ambitious investment policy. The declared aim is to have top-of-the-range machinery and equipment available and to ensure high quality.